Thought Matter Inc Now Trading As Blue Drop Inc!

Hey everyone. Many of you have been anxious to know about the new site and for those who didn’t get the email, here it is. Officially, Thought Matter Inc. will be trading as Blue Drop Inc. at So come check out our shop we have a lot of exciting things planned! Discounts, sales, giveaways, contests, affiliate¬†programs, and much more. See ya there!

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Selling On New Site Only

To make things easier, as going back and forth between sites is slowing me down, (and I have a better relationship with my credit card processor on the other site), I’m going to direct all sales to the other site.

Again, all the same products as TMI at $8 a pack and the same high quality customer service we’re known for!

If you don’t know the other site’s address, just email me and I will give you the link to the url.

This may change and I may start selling on TMI again, but for now, I’ll be able to provide you the best results selling from the new site exclusively.

Thanks! Remember, just email me for the other sites address if you don’t already know it.

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Credit Card Processor No Longer Working.

Until I can find a new credit card processor, you can all shop on my other site fully stocked with the same brands and products as TMI but takes credit/cards and debit cards. If you dont already know what that site is, email me and I will give you the link.

All it is is a change in scenery you still get exactly the same products.

If I manage to get another credit card processor for this site, I’ll of course let everyone know.

Do not worry worry all current TMI orders in processing, and all products in the order, will be shipped to you like normal. Everyone who placed an order before this post will have their product shipped.

So please email me for my other sites url. First 20 people to make a purchase from the new site will get a free pack of etizolam! Just say your from TMI! ūüôā


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Welcome To Thought Matter Inc. Your #1 Research Home Made Paint Vendor!

Check out our shop and get your research on!

*All products sold here are strictly for research purposes only. They are sold not for human consumption.*

Featured Products:

Concern Etizest-1 1mg

Lee ETilee-1 MD 1mg 

Intas Etilaam-1 1mg

Lee ETilee-1  1mg

Concern Etizest-1 MD 1mg


                     ****SHOP NOW****





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Shipping update

Hey guys. Starting last night I began getting that creeping up feeling of being sick ya know? I hoped that when i woke up it’d be gone but no such luck. So I’ve¬†basically been in bed all day,head feeling like it weighs 100 pounds, coughing, just ugh, fucking horrible ha. I’m loaded up on vitamin c and dayquil right night now drinking lots of water and tea, hopefully I will be back on my feet tomorrow or at least feeling¬†better. I always get sick the damn transition of fall into winter and towards this time.

Obviously as a result I couldn’t¬†get out any orders, I tried but but i just couldn’t.¬†Tomorrow I’ll work extra hours to make up for it.

Anyway I just wanted to explain why your orders didn’t ship today. Really sorry about that. So at most orders already made will be delayed a day. I have someone coming into package too¬†with me so we’ll be twice as fast.

Thanks guys.

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All Products On New Site Only $8

Thats right,

Because of a new supplier, I’m now¬†able to sell all etizolam cleaning products on the new site at¬†just 8$ a pack!¬†¬†At our new site,¬†we want to give you the same high quality name brand products sold at TMI with the best customer service we’re known for, at the best price on the domestic market!

So enjoy! And don’t forget to email me for the new site link if you haven’t already.It accepts all major debit/credit cards.

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Credit Card Back Up and Working

So there was a minor glitch and our credit card payment gateway was unusable. That has since been fixed and now functions as normal.


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Sales Have Resumed

The stock is back up and sales have resumed as usual.


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Back In Stock Monday

Hey all, back from vacation so I’m going to put the stock back up Monday morning.


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Tracking Number Issue (Please Read)

To the few of you who got your tracking number and went to track it and see it was already used and delivered, dont worry. I called usps and they are recycling some of their tracking numbers, so your tracking number will update in 12-24 hours with¬†your information. Trying to get this practice stopped all together but just so everyone didn’t panic, it’s not a mistake, you’ll get your package as fast as you would have, and the used tracking number will update to yours for your address in about 24 hours.

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New site is up!

We have a¬†¬†new site is up and fully stocked with all 5 brands :-). Super fast turnaround right now as well. I sent out a newsletter to everyone on the list (check your spam) but to anyone who didn’t get it, email me and I’ll give you the link. You can choose to order between TMI or the new site.



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