I’m going on vacation for a week

Just a heads up in advance, I will be on vacation from July 16th to July 22nd. So sales will be closed during that time. Edit: Because of all the craziness I’ll have on Friday as Im leaving early saturday, I have to shut down orders earlier because i wont have time to get them out before I leave. So orders will stop today the 14th at 4:00pm. I will begin taking new orders on the 22n’d when I get back around 3ish.

So raid your couch cushions for pennies and get all you think you’re going to need for the week I’m away now before sales close.


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Thought Matter inc. Is Back!

Finally, TMI is back! Fully stocked with all your favorite brands and cheaper than ever!

Also, we’re doing a site wide discount until July 10th where if you type in thereturn as your discount code, you’ll get 10% off your entire cart! This will only work on TMI.

Also if you still want the new site address just email us and we’ll give you the link.


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New site is up!

The new site is up and fully stocked with all 5 brands :-). Super fast turnaround right now as well. I sent out a newsletter to everyone on the list (check your spam) but to anyone who didn’t get it, email me and I’ll give you the link.


I am Pandora.

See ya on the flip!

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Welcome To Thought Matter Inc. Your #1 Research Vendor!

Check out our shop and get your research on!

*All products sold here are strictly for research purposes only. They are sold not for human consumption.*

Featured Products:

Concern Etizest-1 1mg

Lee ETilee-1 MD 1mg

Intas Etilaam-1 1mg

Lee ETilee-1  1mg

Concern Etizest-1 MD 1mg


                     ****SHOP NOW****





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Tracking Number Issue (Please Read)

To the few of you who got your tracking number and went to track it and see it was already used and delivered, dont worry. I called usps and they are recycling some of their tracking numbers, so your tracking number will update in 12-24 hours with your information. Trying to get this practice stopped all together but just so everyone didn’t panic, it’s not a mistake, you’ll get your package as fast as you would have, and the used tracking number will update to yours for your address in about 24 hours.

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Just to let everyone know, I’m building a new site. It’ going to be bigger and better in every way. Lower prices, I’ve hired staff to complete more orders and faster than ever before, we’ll be excepting all major credit cards + bitcoin, fast shipments, and the same classic fast response time and customer service you’re all used to. Been working on it for a while. It’s almost done. When it’s ready to go live, I’ll send out emails to all the TMI customers  (except the trolls and the fraud chargebackers, you’ll be banned from day one. :-/) And I’ll make a last post here. So I’m excited and I hope you are too!


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Still Issue with orders

Still no emails with confirmation of payments. I’m not going to go through and email each and every one of you who hasn’t paid yet and hasn’t sent me the western union info. If you don’t send me that info by the end of today, I’m just canceling your orders. Because now you’re wasting everyones time.

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Issue with orders

I have dozens of western union orders, that not a single one sent me the email outlined in the instructions with the order# and MTCN number. Without that email I cant verify and pickup payment, therefore your order will not be shipped. I will be emailing you all one last time and if I get no response, your orders will be canceled so that others who actually can follow instructions and pay, can buy the stock thats being held up by your in limbo orders.

If your orders are still on hold numbers (not processed) 7849 through 8029,email me asap.

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Stock Update

Just wanted to let everyone know, we’ll be back in stock in a couple days. As soon as a I finish getting out all the current orders, which are a lot, but im gonna work all weekend to get them ready, I’ll throw up some new stock.


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Another update

Just wanted to let you all know that a lot of orders came in so im a bit behind but I plan on working day and night to catch up and get all of your orders out!

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Western Union Instructions

Make sure you read and follow the western union instructions carefully and to the letter.

After you make an order, you have to email me with your order number and the MTCN number from your western union receipt or I’ll have no way to verify you sent the money. The faster you send me that email with those details, the faster I can get your order shipped.

How hard are simple instructions to follow? I have like 5 western union transactions just sitting there with no email that I clearly put in the instructions with your order number and your western union MTCN number. If you dont send me that email then you might as well thrown your money away because I’ll have no way to verify you paid, paid me, and it went through.

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