Welcome To Thought Matter Inc. Your #1 Research Home Made Paint Vendor!

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*All products sold here are strictly for research purposes only. They are sold not for human consumption.*

Featured Products:

Concern Etizest-1 1mg

Lee ETilee-1 MD 1mg 

Intas Etilaam-1 1mg

Lee ETilee-1  1mg

Concern Etizest-1 MD 1mg


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15 Responses to Welcome To Thought Matter Inc. Your #1 Research Home Made Paint Vendor!

  1. Stacey Foster says:

    Hope you all stay in business and stay in stock! That seems to be the biggest issue with the current vendors I have used. I look forward to doing business with you and hope all goes well. Thank you.

  2. DC says:

    Even more? Awesome I remember this shit used to be cheaper, 100 was 78 bucks or so including shipping from a certain vendor. This was before all the etizolam dissappeared for a while.

    • Scag says:

      That was a long long time ago, man. Hah past couple year I’ve seen it going for 15 a pack.. most sites are $12… I do $10.50 now, 11 normal for Etizest and only $9 dollars for the Etilee brand. Thats the cheapest your gonna find anywhere so consider yourself lucky hah. But yeah it was the shortage that killed everyone. But now some of us have created new ways to bring it in legally and now it’s all good. If you find cheaper prices elsewhere… then by all means buy from them. But you wont hah.

  3. jennifer says:

    Excellent customer service ! Best communication I’ve had with the vendor lately ! Product shipped right away with tracking . Arrived in two days . My research tells me this is an excellent product . This vendor gets a five out of five ! Looking forward to doing business with you in the future !gdu

  4. Christopher says:

    Thanks for all your help and insight. Such a laid back yet professional business man. He even through in a whole extra set of another type free of charge. I mean for 1 he’s local and 2 he’s not sketchy about payments or minimum order quantities not to mention he’s more than fair on prices. If anyone needs some clarification or proof I have shipping confirmations and even photos of said research products. Anyone out there looking for a quick local and easy service this is your company. Lol just checked and we exchanged almost 100 emails if that tells you how thorough and patient they are. -Chris

    Definitely a new loyal customer!

  5. Matthew says:

    This was my first time ordering from TMI. Placed an order for Etilee-1’s and my first shipment got lost in the mail for a week (it has since made it’s way in my direction). Spoke to Scag and he did everything in his power to make things right and make sure I had my order as soon as possible. Ended up shipping a new order overnight to ensure that I had everything I needed in time. I have dealt with several vendors and TMI and Scag are by far the very best out there. Their customer service is A-1 and their products are of great quality! Prices are also the lowest of any US vendor. I will only be using Thought Matter, Inc. products from now on! I could go on and on. This vendor is great!

  6. Keith says:

    All 3 of my orders have came through like champs. 5 stars all around. I’m not writing this for a coupon. I would gladly pay much more for TMI’s products, and EXCELLENT communication, keeping us updated. We as researchers love the 2-3 updates a week. It eases our mind’s about will our research products be available. Anyone reading this, please. Treat these men with dignity and respect for what they are doing for you. And be a responsible customer, keep the chargebackers away. Heck, Scag…I would pay a “membership” fee to continue business with TMI.
    Happy New Years TMI and crew. 10 stars bud.

  7. jwho says:

    Just received my order, on top communication and shipping, product is also excellent. Scag you are the man.

  8. Jason says:

    Hey I haven’t been able to order in a while but I was wondering when you are gonna post them for sale I read that you’re taking them down while u catch up so is there anyway you could tell me when Theyre going back up thanks!

  9. Jon doe says:

    This site/store is so poorly run. The stock is never up, and when he says it will be put up its usually a day or 2 later. You need to hire help or something, giving you a honest review compared to other sites not trying to be rude.

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