Sorry guys I had one hell of a day hah. Wasn’t able to get the stock up but i promise, 100%, I will get it up as early as I can tomorrow.


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15 Responses to Stock

  1. Kyle says:


    I was refreshing the Shop page, waiting for that bastardly ‘Read More’ link to morph into the ‘Add To Cart’ phrase… it seems I wasn’t the only one!

    I love you, ‘Add To Cart’ link! 🙂

    On a separate note, I hope your day improves, and even turns awesome!

  2. Tmalla says:

    Thanks and I hope you have a better day tomorrow

  3. Okay and please keep in touch tomorrow. Do u have a time perhaps?

  4. Btw hope you’re feeling better now.😊

  5. spencer selby says:

    Ditto to what Tmalla says. (I can’t order until afternoon my time. Hoping that won’t be too late.

  6. Eric says:

    Thanks for all you do Scag!!

  7. Jonathan says:

    I’m signed up to the mailing list, but any idea what the time frame might be? Noon? Afternoon? Evening?

  8. tacos76 says:

    Scag dont forget me I definately want to put my order in with priority shipping! I want to make sure I read yesterdays thread correctly in that 3 blister packs is the maximum we can order?

    • Scag says:

      No the max is 30 blister packs per brand. Not 3 hah. Thatd be lame.

      • tacos76 says:

        Awe ok Thank heavens lol send me an email when things are ready to go my friend, gonna be paying with my VISA later on today when you get things going don’t forget about me thanks!

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