Back In Stock

We’re back in stock with 150 packs for all 5 brands. The small stock style throw up in batches seemed to work last time, so gonna stick with it and see how things go.

So thanks everyone. Enjoy your research.


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6 Responses to Back In Stock

  1. James Phillips says:

    Hey was just wondering what the cut off time for today was? Sorry if it’s a redundant question it’s been awhile. Thanks much

    • Scag says:

      I’m gonna shut it down around 5 because too many orders are in. I’ll make a new post about it.

      • James Phillips says:

        If I got order in before 5 via express mail would it go out the next day or are you guys backed up as it is? Sorry about all the questions I’m just trying to anticipate my next move thanks have a good one

        • Scag says:

          No way would it go out today. Tomorrow at the earliest. Read our shipping policies page. And please dont ask about when your order will be shipped out. Its all in the shipping policies page.

          • Jonathan says:

            So is there any point in paying for the express shipment if it doesn’t go out that day?

          • Scag says:

            Well.. yes because when your product does ship you’ll either get it in a day with express or 2-3 days+ with regular. So yeah I’d say there’s a point but if you don’t see it than just don’t use express I guess.

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