Stock Update

Just wanted to let everyone know, we’ll be back in stock in a couple days. As soon as a I finish getting out all the current orders, which are a lot, but im gonna work all weekend to get them ready, I’ll throw up some new stock.


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4 Responses to Stock Update

  1. inspecto says:

    any lost time is my bad so sorry

  2. Anon says:

    I know you are working real hard, my order took a little longer to receive than normal but you still came through. I think like you should hire some help to get orders out quicker, I’m sure that is easier said than done with crazies in the world. If I didn’t live across the country I’d work with ya. You’ll find staff I’m sure. Keep it up Scag you’re a life saver when it comes to shipping.

  3. Tmalla says:

    Are you still making packages to send

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