Issue with orders

I have dozens of western union orders, that not a single one sent me the email outlined in the instructions with the order# and MTCN number. Without that email I cant verify and pickup payment, therefore your order will not be shipped. I will be emailing you all one last time and if I get no response, your orders will be canceled so that others who actually can follow instructions and pay, can buy the stock thats being held up by your in limbo orders.

If your orders are still on hold numbers (not processed) 7849 through 8029,email me asap.

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6 Responses to Issue with orders

  1. Matthew says:

    I used bitcoin, it should be easy to ship mine. I want to buy a good size order do I hope it’s back up soon. Thanks, I know your having a lot of trouble.

  2. James Phillips says:

    Come on ppl western union is very simple. Not only are you hurting us by putting everything on hold your making scags job more difficult by doing this.

  3. Rose says:

    Am I the only one who did WU right? Hahahaha
    Look I even screwed up with the first email by not putting my personal info but corrected it immediately, plus I had an issue with doing it the day after I ordered due to my boyfriend being a dick. I could have had my order by now if I didn’t screw that up. Anyway, it really isn’t that difficult. Ya’ll are just holding Scag back from taking care of other people and that’s ridiculous. He’s going to end up taking the option off and fuck that because it’s the only way I can pay sometimes so stop being stupid!

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