Still Issue with orders

Still no emails with confirmation of payments. I’m not going to go through and email each and every one of you who hasn’t paid yet and hasn’t sent me the western union info. If you don’t send me that info by the end of today, I’m just canceling your orders. Because now you’re wasting everyones time.

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8 Responses to Still Issue with orders

  1. Anon says:

    Issue a refund and re stock

    • Scag says:

      Refund them what they haven’t fucking paid for anything or at least haven’t sent me any proof they have. So I’m gonna cancel them and when they see that, then maybe those who paid who are just dense and cant read instructions, will actually do something.

    • James Phillips says:

      Couldn’t agree more this is holding both parties up. Issue a refund when there’s no proof of payment. He might as well flush money down the toliet. As far as im concerned he has been too patient with this retards.

  2. AK says:

    Can Scag even issue a WU refund? Nothing I found says Scag has the ability to do that. He might be able to refuse the payment. But that means going down to WU to do so, and providing the information that he is missing.

    The person who sent the payment has to contact WU to request a refund of payments that have not been picked up. The money is wasted otherwise. I don’t think it’s worth contacting them again with instructions, since they didn’t respond to your emails.

    And to Scag, you should deserve that money as a tip for your hard work. It’s too bad to can’t pick it up.

  3. Rebekah says:

    Ugh! That’s all I have to say about this mess!

  4. Newbee says:

    Just wanted to say this. I placed an order and paid via WU. I followed all the instructions, but I made a small mistake. Because my eyesight is terrible I sent Scag the wrong amount (I actually overpaid by $5). When Scag tried to verify my payment, the MCIN and Amount Sent did not match the records of my order because of the 5 dollar discrepancy.
    Scag contacted me immediately to address the issue. After he touched base with me, he was able to verify payment within minutes. My order arrives tomorrow according to USPS.

    This was only my second order with Scag, but in both instances he has been very quick and efficient with any issues I have had. If anyone is hesitant to order using the WU method of payment, don’t be. As long as you follow the instructions, Scag makes it a painless experience. Even if, like me, you screw up.

  5. Tristen Beierly says:

    Just wanted to say I paid for WU and followed the instructions to the tee, and ive had no problems, got me shippment and everything is all good, will be ordering again for sure in the future, thanks again!

  6. Tmalla says:

    After you finish off the orders and see some idiots not making an effort then you shouldn’t. You are not their babysitters. ( but double check in case an mtcn email got flooded in email but people should put “MTCN Number” as the tille of a thread

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