Credit Card Processor No Longer Working.

Until I can find a new credit card processor, you can all shop on my other site fully stocked with the same brands and products as TMI but takes credit/cards and debit cards. If you dont already know what that site is, email me and I will give you the link.

All it is is a change in scenery you still get exactly the same products.

If I manage to get another credit card processor for this site, I’ll of course let everyone know.

Do not worry worry all current TMI orders in processing, and all products in the order, will be shipped to you like normal. Everyone who placed an order before this post will have their product shipped.

So please email me for my other sites url. First 20 people to make a purchase from the new site will get a free pack of etizolam! Just say your from TMI! 🙂


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