Shipping update

Hey guys. Starting last night I began getting that creeping up feeling of being sick ya know? I hoped that when i woke up it’d be gone but no such luck. So I’ve basically been in bed all day,head feeling like it weighs 100 pounds, coughing, just ugh, fucking horrible ha. I’m loaded up on vitamin c and dayquil right night now drinking lots of water and tea, hopefully I will be back on my feet tomorrow or at least feeling better. I always get sick the damn transition of fall into winter and towards this time.

Obviously as a result I couldn’t get out any orders, I tried but but i just couldn’t. Tomorrow I’ll work extra hours to make up for it.

Anyway I just wanted to explain why your orders didn’t ship today. Really sorry about that. So at most orders already made will be delayed a day. I have someone coming into package too with me so we’ll be twice as fast.

Thanks guys.

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