Bitcoin Guide

This was a guide to try and help those of you that don’t understand bitcoin just how easy it really is and that using it as a payment method takes very little on your part.

Bitcoins Step by Step!

Top 3 Easiest Ways To Buy Bitcoin

Method number one: Go to and link your bank account. Proper ID Required.

This method is by far the cheapest as you are paying about 10 cents for every Bitcoin dollar purchased.

Method number two: Go to simple easy quick set-up

This method will allow you to purchase bitcoins instantly but at a higher percentage. Example, as opposed to Here, however you will have a ton of ways of obtaining Bitcoins. Western Union being number one.

Method number three: Go to simple easy quick set-up

This method is pretty much identical to


Step by step

                                    How to send and receive Bitcoin

I can’t stress enough how simple this part is. With each respective site and way to obtain bitcoin you are given what is called a wallet. That wallet shows a string of numbers. Those string of numbers is the amount of Bitcoin you own. Example one Bitcoin is currently $422.56 USD. The wallet will show the $422.56 in Bitcoin division. Example $422.56 is 1.00 in Bitcoin. Half would be $211.28 in USD but in Bitcoin it will show .50 in your wallet.

Once you buy Bitcoin it is sent to your wallet. Once it arrives to your wallet you then send the Bitcoin. There are many ways to do this, I would strongly advise only to send Bitcoin to an authorized vendor of any type of merchandise. Example, Thought Matter Inc.


                                    Sending the bitcoin once obtained


Simple easy 1, 2, 3. Send the bitcoin at our secure bitcoin checkout on the site. Trust me here guys and gals, do it once and you will say to yourself “wow this was so simple, what’s all the fuss?”.




So there you go it really is pretty easy and there are tons of other guides and videos out there you can look at on your own. Once you figure it out it really will become your payment method of choice as it is mine. Simple, easy, and anonymous.