Thought Matter Inc

What are you most excited about?

One of the things we’re most excited for, and I’m most excited for personally, is just to hear everyone’s story. We want to hear from our customers firsthand about how BrainRise has helped them and transformed their life in whatever way, big or small.

Is BrainRise just another supplement?

BrainRise is not just another supplement. The way we look at it, it’s a mindset, it’s a way of life, it’s a way of reminding people that you can always reach for more and you can always be more. You can be more productive, more creative, more focused, less stressed and more motivated. Whatever it is you do, whatever stage you are at in life, BrainRise can be there to give you the boost that you need.

How is BrainRise different from the competition?

What separates BrainRise from the competition is, for one, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. That idea permeates into everything we do. We want to have a humor-based approach with our marketing. We want to have a close personal relationship with our customers. Another thing is that we’re fairly priced and you’re getting an incredibly unique product with unique ingredients that was made by people who haven’t lost sight of the everyday problems and struggles you go through, because we go through them too. I certainly do.

What’s your company goal?

The overall company goal is pretty simple and it’s that way for a reason. We want to make a genuine connection with our customers, and we want to help people who suffer from the same things that we all suffer from like lack of motivation, focus, and energy. Whether you’re a career minded individual and you’re in the workforce, you’re a college student popping Adderall like it’s candy, or you’re a parent, we just want to make people’s lives easier. We want to make people more productive. We want to help people rise to the occasion.

How did BrainRise come to be?

So BrainRise was initially created just by myself messing around in my kitchen. I wanted to create a Nootropic stack that worked for me, one that achieved all the results I was looking for, and I ended up with a solid formula. Then I was lucky enough to get involved with a group of experts in nutraceuticals and scientists from a great state of the art laboratory, and they helped me fine tune the formula to make it more appealing for a general market, which is what I wanted. And after a long time of going back and forth tweaking the ingredients and the dosages, we were able to find the perfect combination and BrainRise was created.

How did you get into Nootropics?

Years ago, I was looking for something that could help my motivation and focus because at the time, I was noticing a real lack of productivity and overall motivation in my work and just general life. I thought there had to be something out there that could help. Thankfully I came across Nootropics.

What are your hobbies?

Aside from working all the time, I’m an avid musician. I love to play guitar, record and make music. I’m also an artist. I love to paint and draw. Art, whether it’s music or drawing and painting, is therapeutic for me.

What’s your background?

I’ve worked in and around the pharmaceutical industry for years. I’ve worked directly from sales and marketing to product manager engineering. However, I’ve always wanted to create a product of my own, something good and of real quality. Something that really worked.

Who Are You?

My name is John Burra. I’m the owner of Thought Matter Research and the creator of BrainRise.