Still Issue with orders

Still no emails with confirmation of payments. I’m not going to go through and email each and every one of you who hasn’t paid yet and hasn’t sent me the western union info. If you don’t send me that info by the end of today, I’m just canceling your orders. Because now you’re wasting everyones time.

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Issue with orders

I have dozens of western union orders, that not a single one sent me the email outlined in the instructions with the order# and MTCN number. Without that email I cant verify and pickup payment, therefore your order will not be shipped. I will be emailing you all one last time and if I get no response, your orders will be canceled so that others who actually can follow instructions and pay, can buy the stock thats being held up by your in limbo orders.

If your orders are still on hold numbers (not processed) 7849 through 8029,email me asap.

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Stock Update

Just wanted to let everyone know, we’ll be back in stock in a couple days. As soon as a I finish getting out all the current orders, which are a lot, but im gonna work all weekend to get them ready, I’ll throw up some new stock.


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Another update

Just wanted to let you all know that a lot of orders came in so im a bit behind but I plan on working day and night to catch up and get all of your orders out!

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Stock is up

All 5 brands are up and for sale now. We currently cant take credit/debit cards but we take bitcoin (my advised method), western union, or direct bank transfer to our bank account. I’m looking at some other option that’ll be more convenient (like account funding) while I still obviously search for a new processor, but until then I figured I’d at least put everything in stock so you guys had the option to buy now.

Dont forget to read our bitcoin guide, which will show you step by step how easy bitcoins are to use.

I’ll keep you updated as we get new payment methods and have no worries, I have a plan to start accepting credit cards again it’s just going to take me a little while to get going.

Thanks everyone!

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Stock Is Back Up

As promised I’ve put the stock back up. Hopefully I wont get too overloaded with orders so I can keep it up for as long as possible.

Thanks everyone. Happy shopping. 🙂

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Back In Stock

We’re back in stock with 150 packs for all 5 brands. The small stock style throw up in batches seemed to work last time, so gonna stick with it and see how things go.

So thanks everyone. Enjoy your research.


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Sorry guys I had one hell of a day hah. Wasn’t able to get the stock up but i promise, 100%, I will get it up as early as I can tomorrow.


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New Stock Monday

Just wanted to update you all and let everyone know that a new batch of inventory will be up on Monday. Be sure and sign up for the mailing list if you haven’t so you’ll be notified exactly when the stock is up.

Have a good weekend!


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New Stock Soon

As the first batch of inventory has sold out, as soon as I ship the remaining orders which will be 2 days at the most, I will release another batch of inventory and send an email out to everyone on the mailing list. 🙂 So expect product to be in stock again within 3-4 days.


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