Problem with shop hours plugin

so the shop hours plugin wasn’t working correctly so for now, everything is back to normal. I’ll basically do the equivalent of shop hours of taking everything out of stock when I want it closed, and putting it all back in stock when I want it open until I can figure out the problem with the shop hours plugin.

But for now, orders can go on as usual order whenever you see product in stock 🙂


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Back In Stock

So I have re-stocked the site with a small quantity in the hope the orders dont get overwhelming and i can get them out fast, then put up more stock. So 150 packs of all brands including our brand new Etizest MD our up for sale. So act fast and once this batch of inventory goes, I’ll add some more of what I have.


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The Miscreant Hour Episode 33: The Return!

While we all twiddle our thumbs, I suggest filling your auditory canals with a little light-hearted and vulgar pure awesomeness known as The Miscreant Hour!

Check out the latest episode here! Or listen on iTunes (just search the miscreant hour)

Later Alligators!

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So all orders have been shipped out finally. Apologies to the handful of you that ended up having to wait with extra long processing times. I’m going to do my best on the next stock and in the future to get everyones orders out much faster than I did this past stock.

Update on new inventory: I will be stocking new inventory (including Etizest MD’s as a little test) as well as our regular brands sometime Monday (I’ll make a new post and send out an email). I plan on putting up the new inventory in smaller batches to ensure that the orders can be processed and shipped out fast. So we’ll see how the next run goes yeah?

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

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Remaining Orders

Just so I dont have to go and respond to every single specific email about individual orders, I’m letting everyone know with an outstanding order, that all orders currently in processing, will be completed and shipped by tommorrow night basically within 2 days. Like I said we had a bit of a backlog but just remember the 2-3 day processing time is business days. So you can’t email me and say if you ordered on a saturday and it’s a tuesday that it’s been 3 days. No it’s been 1, because Monday was day 1 as the first business day. Important distinction as I’m getting these emails from people who ordered on a weekend counting the weekend days as processing time. Thats not how it works.

But either way, yes we’ve been a bit slow but thats how it’s gonna be until I find the right help to hire, because I have way too many orders bogging me down. So learn the art of patience my fellow researching compatriots.

For the new stock, Im going to put out small bits at a time to hopefully help from getting order overload, and be able to get shipments out faster. Then once that stock is all gone, I’ll put up another small amount, rinse and repeat.

Over and out.

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Out of stock but will be back soon

Gonna take a break for a few days and then resume sales with some more inventory. I’ll make a post when the new stock is up.

For everyone with orders still in processing I’m working hard to get them all out as fast as I can but I’m a little backed up so just bare with me.

Thanks everyone! See ya when we’re back in stock. 🙂

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Sales Resumed

Stock is back up and I’m taking orders again 🙂


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Please Stop Emailing To Ask When Your Order Will Ship

Please stop sending all these emails, especially the day of or very next day, when your order will be shipped. All it does is slow me down from completing orders when i have to stop every 5 seconds to answer your email. The shipping policy states there could be a 2-3 day processing time. If your order hasn’t shipped in over 3 days, then you can email me to ask for an update. Until then just have a little bit of patience please.

Thank you.

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Shutting Down Orders Temporarily

As I mentioned in my last post, im gonna start disabling sales when the orders get too high so I can catch up, and I also have some more medical stuff I gotta deal with this week. Product will be back up for sale in a couple days.

Thank you 🙂

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New Stock Up (more to come)

I’ve put the new stock up, and please for my sanity, don’t all attack it at once like a pack of wild dogs! Haha. More etilee MD’s are on the way an maybe even some Etizest MD’ s just as a test… we shall see!

The test Im going to be trying is once the orders get to be too much, I’ll make a post I’m shutting down sales, and that they’ll resume in a day or two or whatever, after I’m caught up. Rinse and repeat.

Thanks again everyone for all your support and trust!

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